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      2. Antisera
        Widal&Weil-Felix Test
        Diagnostic Kit for IgG-Antibody
        About antisera
        About Widal&Weil-Felix Test
        About antibody assay kit
        Add: No.15, Tianmushan Road, Beilun District, Ningbo, China
        Tel: 86-574-26850168
        Fax: 86-574-86897948
        E-mail: web@tianrunbio.com
        Ningbo Tianrun Bio-pharmaceutical Co., LTD founded in April 2003£¬is a high-tech bio-pharmaceutical enterprise, which engages in research and development of in-vitro diagnostic reagents. Our products include antisera, Widal&Weil-Felix agents and antibody assay kit (Elisa). We have obtained ”°Production Enterpriser Licence of Medlical Instrument”± (Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration No. 20130123), and passed ”°China Production Quality Management System Assessment”± (certificate number: 40-IP-2013-033). Our products also achieved ”°Registration Certificate For Medical Device”±. Our products possess high quality, and the antisera have passed WHO External Quality Aassurance system with 100% pass rate.

        Antisera mainly include four categories: Salmonella antisera, Shigella antisera, E.coli antisera and Group O1 Vibrio Choler antisera.

        Widal&Weil-Felix agents are used in Widal and Weil-Felix test for the detection of typhoid, paratyphoid and scrubtyphus.

        Antibody assay kits (Elisa) cover rabies virus IgG antibody detection kit (Elisa) and tetanus antibody assay kit (Elisa). These kits have a variety of specifications that can be used to detect IgG antibody levels or Plasma screening after vaccination.

        We have not only the high quality products, but also first-class service, which could provide technical support for customers in time.

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