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The meditation retreat offered at Kow Tahm is a training in Satipatthana, the four foundations of mindfulness. Satipatthana was taught by Buddha more than 2500 years ago, and leads to Vipassana (clear-seeing). Through personal observation of one’s mind and body processes, the “knowledge of seeing things as they really are” leads to positive transformation and freedom.

The natural laws conditioning one’s physical sensations, feelings, emotions, and thoughts become clear through direct experience. One understands how identification with dependently-arisen states causes difficulties, and how letting-go frees oneself from worry, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Vipassana meditation is the technique for abandoning attachments, negative habits, attachments, beliefs and reactions, and developing increased awareness and contentment that leads to equanimity, peace and happiness.

What to expect

The seven-day silent meditation retreat is intensive, physically and mentally challenging but in many cases very rewarding. For many, it is a life-changing experience. The daily schedule is arranged to facilitate practice continuously throughout the day from 4 a.m. until 9 p.m.. When embraced, this style of practice leads to meditators experiencing the wisdom of the Buddha for themselves.
Everyday you will be given meditation instructions and teachings in morning and afternoon talks. These instructions are for general guidance and applicable to all. Interviews with the teacher offer individually tailored instructions that ensure that you are understand the technique and are practicing correctly.
If you feel you are really ready to take this course, to work diligently and to follow the instructions carefully, you will gain a great gift of wisdom. If you maintain your practice of meditation it will be a jewel and a refuge to you for the rest of your life.



Accommodation is divided between male and female dorm areas and buildings with bathing rooms, toilets, and clothes washing facilities conveniently nearby.
New-style concrete dorms contain shared rooms for two people with a bunk-bed. Older-style wooden dorms are single rooms. Rooms, mattresses, pillows, sheets and mosquito nets are allocated to retreatants in order of arrival at the centre upon registration. Towels and personal toiletries are not provided.

More on what to bring with you


All food offered on the retreat is vegetarian, wholesome, delicious and prepared by our cooks.

Two meals are provided daily:

  • breakfast at 7 a.m. is a tasty Thai rice-soup and/or muesli with fresh fruit, nuts and (soy) milk
  • lunch at 11 a.m. is authentic Thai food, Indian curries, and western dishes

In addition, hot drinks are offered at 5 p.m., and tea and coffee are available throughout the day in the dining hall.

If you have special dietary needs due to illness or allergies, please contact us to confirm that the kitchen staff will be able to accommodate them.

More information on the food



The climate on Koh Phangan is relatively stable throughout the year averaging between 25-30°C. April and May tend to be warmer, whilst October and November are wetter months.

The cool sea breeze and the jungle trees and vegetation provide an ideal environment for intensive meditation practice.

More information on the weather on Koh Phangan